How To Detoxify For Greater Health

How do I detoxify?

The second phase of your detoxification process is stress relief. Nobody can completely escape from stress. It’s a normal part of life that needs to be managed.  Stress, however, produces hormones that will help the body move faster, yet large amounts of these hormones can produce toxins and impairs the liver’s detoxification function. Thus,  chronic stress can contribute to many diseases. So better take care of it now before it accumulates and is way beyond manageable. One way of de-stressing is exercising! Whatever your exercise mode is, get going with it. Start your daily running, swimming or dancing routine. If you have a chance of enrolling in a nearby gym then do so. Initially,  first two weeks is hard but once you get to the rhythm you would can’t wait to exercise again. Exercising releases your stress hormones and produces other hormones as well that can aid your body to detoxify faster.

 The third phase is H20 intake. Water is a sure way of cleansing your body of toxins. Instead, of stopping by a coffee shop on your to your work, resist it and just drink water. Water is so much better than any other drinks. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you are bored with the taste of water, you can have some tea instead. Tea has a variety of flavor available in the market too. Just make sure to check out the contents of the tea because some teas are also filled with caffeine.

 The fourth phase: take in a half liter of fruit or vegetable juice daily. Carrot, apple, and watermelon juice are among the highly recommended ones. These juices are guaranteed to contain vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Any of these juices or a combination of them is a refreshing and a healthy drink that will also rid you of all the bad toxins!

Detoxification is a common jargon spoken by people in many circles. Well, especially those who really care about keeping their bodies in good condition. Many said after detoxification, they feel so much better and can go about their daily lives with so much ease compared to their condition before doing it.

What is detoxification then? Doctors who are pro-detoxification say it’s just the process of riding your body with toxins. Specifically, it is cleaning the blood by particularly kicking out toxins from the blood in the liver, which is the primary organ in the body responsible for filtering toxins.

Who are qualified to detoxify? Everybody should detoxify according to proponents since toxins are all around us. There are toxins in the food that we eat, in the air that we breathe, in the detergent we use for washing clothes or dishes, shampoos, lotions and many other daily solutions we use. Toxins are even found in the coffee that you drink daily. More so, there are obvious sources of toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol.

When do you detoxify?  Experts recommend that detoxification be done once a year. Others can do it twice a year depending on his/her physical condition. However,  person’s suffering from any chronic disease, nursing mothers and children are not highly recommended.

There are also symptoms that can prompt you to do detoxification immediately. If you have chronic fatigue, sluggishness, skin irritation, allergies and infections, eye bags, bloated stomach, menstrual pain, mental confusion among others then get ready to detoxify.

How do I detoxify? There are several phases in doing detoxification. Phase one is toxin load weigh down. This just means getting rid of any sources of toxins from your immediate surroundings. You might want to begin with personal care products such as shampoos, toothpastes, and deodorants. Replace them with natural alternatives. Also cut back on your caffeine, and alcohol intake. Refrain from smoking as much. Then, watch the refined sugar and saturated fats you eat.