How To Deal With Stress And Its Impact On Your Health

Let us face it. There is an ever increasing case of stress related diseases clogging both rural and urban households. Stress is affecting the human population more than we can ever imagine.

Today, most individuals are putting checks on these questions. Do you easily get irritated even at the most minute reasons? Do you usually react more than the usual level when things get clumped up?

If these are happening, you have been beaten down with stress.

A survey done by the American Psychological Association revealed that nearly half of the respondents are anxious about the stress levels that they encounter on a daily basis. Given this significant information on the extent of stress effects, it would we better to excavate and investigate on the secrets of main culprit called stress that prowls every individual whether in the household or in the workplace.

The rise in the stress levels can be partially blamed at our fast-paced lifestyle. The excessive availing yourself of multi-tasking and over-juggling of so many priorities are just the few known reasons behind stress. Burn-out instances are common nowadays especially among the young professionals and single parents.

The rising level of stress threatens our health in a dramatic intensity. Stress tends to abate the potency of white blood cells in fighting off diseases which eventually leads to a drop in the immune system. Interestingly, if a body succumbs to stress, it cannot absorb the essential nutrients it needs. When this happens, the body can gradually weaken and may lead to a shortened lifespan. This can hamper us to an enjoyable, longer and healthier life.

Now, all of us don’t want to be a slave of stress. It is important to consider looking for considerable ways to combat this “modern killer.” Each of us deserves a good quality of life. We deserve to enjoy every second and minute of our lives. Let us get rid of STRESS.

We all deserve to seize each and every minute of our temporary lives here on earth. Studies show that an average human being can only live at an average of 60 years old. If this is how fleeting our lives are, then we should not let our guard down and do our very best to address those things that could prevent us in achieving a good quality of life.

Getting sufficient sleep is the number one way to combat stress. An average person needs to sleep from at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day. If you are an easily distracted sleeper or may be suffering from insomnia attacks, try your best to create a favorable environment for sleeping. You may use scented oils and calm music to achieve this. You may use earplugs and eye covers to prevent you from being distracted with light. It is important that we meet the number of hours of sleep that our body requires so that we can be full of energy and hyped enough to meet the everyday demands of work.

Practicing deep breathing is also a good way to hamper stress effects. This allows enough oxygen to be carried in every cell in the body. It promotes calmness and can release negative vibrations in the body. In fact, this technique is the simplest way to get rid of unnecessary strains in the body. This activity is so basic and uncomplicated that it can be done anywhere whether you are at home, at work or at travel. To do this, make sure that one should sit or stand with a proper posture. Slowly, breathe in through your nose. Inhale the air very slowly on the point when your feel that the air is filling the lower part of your lungs, then the middle part and then the upper part. Bring yourself to a halt and hold your breath for at least 5 seconds. Little by little, exhale the air and let your chest and abdomen rest. Repeat this procedure for a few more. Instantly, you will feel that something has loosened up inside of you. This technique is effective when you often experience anxiety attacks.