Coconut Water and its Superb Benefits

The coconut water is coined as the “fluid of life.” It has been proven to possess healthy organic compounds that promote life-giving effects in the human body. In fact, It is a natural isotonic beverage that contains the same electrolyte levels as the human blood. History reveals that it was even used as an emergency source of IV plasma transfusion to wounded soldiers during the heights of war.

The coconut water is proven to be low in carbohydrates and sugar levels and is 99% fat-free. It is shocking to know that many people are going for synthetic isotonic drinks to achieve the same end of replenishing body fluids. Since the coconut water is but all natural, it offers us a helpful line-up of benefits that promises a healthy body.

One of these wide-array advantages is keeping the body temperature at its normal and fit levels. It also orally rehydrates the body, carries essential nutrients and fluids to the cells. Moreover, it is also effective in raising one’s metabolism levels which eventually leads to a natural way of shredding unwanted fats and cholesterol in the body. Promoting weight loss is the end effect of this.

It is also found to have cleansing properties which is tested to detoxify our digestive system, specifically our digestive tract as well aiding in the blood circulation. Besides these, it is also potent in fighting viruses causing Herpes, Cancer and AIDS as well as in preventing diabetes. It is also used by many medical experts to melt kidney and urethral stones.

When compared to other healthy foods available in the market, the coconut water is found to be one step ahead. Compared to whole milk, the coconut water is more nutritious and is less in cholesterol and fat levels. Moreover, it is more potent than orange juice since it contains lesser amounts of sugar. Surprisingly, it is more effective than processed baby milk, since it contains Lauric acid, a component present in breast milk.

In addition, coconut water contains more potassium (about 294 mg) compared to most sports and energy drinks (about 117 mg). It has lesser sodium levels (25 mg) while the synthetic counterparts that contains 41 mg. In addition, it only contains 5 mg of natural sugars while others contain 25 to 30 mg of sugars. Lastly, it contains higher levels of chloride at 118 mg compared to others which are at 39 mg.

Coconut has been coined as the contemporary superfood. Experts have been creating positive noise about it—from its gastronomic contributions in the area of culinary to its potency in treating diseases related from kidney stones to AIDS. Asians have been enjoying this for centuries. It is time the Western world to revisit and rediscover the wonders of the coconut.

Let’s shift our focus to the coconut oil. Coconut oil has earned its way as an effective source of essential oil in maintaining healthy skin and silky hair, although this is not as surprising to many of us nowadays. Recently, the idea of the coconut oil being ingested as syrup has been stirring debates in field of medicine. Some experts reveal that coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are more digested by the body easily compared to the usual long-chained saturated fats.  Research has confirmed that our body easily converts this to energy rather than converting it as stored fats. This means that coconut oil aids in increasing the body’s metabolism which is very important in weight loss.

Throughout history, coconut oil has been proven to be effective in addressing a wide-array of disease.  Many testimonies have been given to confirm its effectiveness in dissolving kidney stones, stimulating thyroid function which leads to the treatment of hypothyroidism, fighting tooth decay and gum disease, relieving the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease and stomach ulcers, improving cholesterol levels, improving digestion and bowel function, and helping the body better absorb key nutrients, protecting against heart disease, osteoporosis and liver disease, boosting the immune system, killing fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses including the viruses behind pneumonia and AIDS.

Let us not under estimate the power of nature to provide us with potent natural medicines that no science can match. Try coconut oil and see for yourself why it has been coined as the new superfood.